Community Service – Promote Education and Support Education

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Community Service.”

Dear Family, friends and Neighbors,

Those who are fortunate to have college degree and even higher education would know the importance of education in their lives.

Education is the key to success!
Education is one treasure that no one can steal.
Education increase by sharing.
Education provides the first step toward a better life – by opening doors for job, followed by many more opportunity for growth.

I would like my fellow citizens to promote education in their surrounding – starting from Home, Neighborhood, Community and further….where ever you are and wherever you go make EDUCATION  your priority.

Encourage kids in your surrounding to embrace education.
At Home:

  • Read to your kids or read with them.
  • Watch Public television – Great shows for kids. Arthur, Curious George, Sesame Street and many more.
  • Invest in your child’s education – do homework with them.
  • Visit their school, participate in school activities , volunteer.
  • Save for their higher education.
  • If your kids are grownup – help with your nieces and nephews.

In  your neighborhood:

  • Donate your time –  be a mentor, be a tutor.
  • Get involved with BIG Brother – BIG Sister program.
  • Support Youth Projects – Local Sports Leagues.
  • Be a role model for the kids.

If you are not able to help physically – help financially – DONATE for good causes.

I hope you all ponder over this and consider instilling values which will help your child and every other child and in turn make our home, schools, neighborhood a better place to live and treasure to behold lifetime.



Blogging 101 – Day 9: Get Inspired By the Neighbors

Marriage Rituals By Shilarya – Here she has shared the South Indian marriage rituals.

India is a country of diversity and living in unity.
Each state has partially different -language, food, clothing, cultural, weather and many common one to keep them together.

Here I will share with you Indian wedding in North Indian village which is giving flavor of originality.


Getting Ready for Baraat

Baraat and Agwaani


 Reception and Jai-Maal



Village Band

 ख़ुशी ख़ुशी कर को बिदा तुम्हारी बेटी राज करेगी — महलोँ  का राजा मिला के रानी बेटी राज करेगी

Finally the car which made it all possible – sharing space with भैसें

Blogging 101 : Day Eight – Be A Good Neighbor

I am enjoying as I hop from blog to blog – take a peak sometime or soak in it.
I really like to see so much positive energy flowing…it’s good for us.



Blogging 101 – Day 4: Importance of Education

Education – provides knowledge which helps one in many phases of life.

  • Education  improves ones living environment by getting job and in turn get – food, shelter, clothing etc.
  • Education  raises awareness about health and hygiene thus providing better longer life span.
  • Education  increases understanding of ones surrounding – family, friends, neighborhood, city, state, country, world and Universe.
  • Education earns respect from others – gives opportunity for equality.

There are many uses of Education, but these are basic ones to start with. Spread the word and use every opportunity to Promote Education and Support Education.

Blogging 101 – Day 3: Say Hello to the Neighbors

Hello Blogging Neighbors,

I am happy to be part of this community and thoroughly enjoying the doing and learning part of blogging.

Here is list of some of the blogs I am following…

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Blogging 101 – Day 1

I am an educator, here to spread the importance of education, inspire, educate and support and ask for your support to spread the word – why EDUCATION is needed at all levels

  • Kids to grow and spread their wings
  • Adults to have a better, stronger, smoother life
  • Those who have it all – to support others achieve their goals
  • Make your time count purposefully


Together we can do anything